Join a Community of Fundraisers and Never
Feel Alone Again

You will have the support of experts and colleagues to learn from, collaborate, and celebrate with.

Tired of always feeling like you’re all alone and the only one struggling to raise money? Not sure what to do next?

Fundraising can be extremely isolating. Especially these days.


Amy Eisenstein understands the unique set of challenges facing both aspiring and experienced fundraisers. She has spent more than two decades at the forefront of fundraising and board development.

Amy began her career in a one-person development shop and worked for over a decade as a frontline fundraiser at both large and small organizations. Like you, she’s been in the trenches.

As a consultant for more than 10 years, Amy has worked with all types of organizations to raise major gifts and conduct capital campaigns.

Amy has published three books through CharityChannel Press, including Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops, 50 Asks in 50 Weeks, 2nd Edition, and Raising More with Less.

She earned the CFRE for the first time in 2004, and ACFRE, the highest credential in fundraising in 2013.


“Am I Cut Out to Raise Major Gifts?”

I get it. Fundraising can be frustrating.
Maybe you’ve invested dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars into seminars, trainings, online courses, books, and blogs, and you’re still not seeing results. Then along comes a pandemic to further complicate things.

You often wonder, “Why can’t we get this at my organization? What are we missing?”

You know you’re smart, creative, and talented, but you simply haven’t seen the results you’ve hoped for. And in the times of COVID-19, success seems even more elusive.
Well, here’s what it really takes to succeed…


They Don’t Have a Mentor

The secret to my success – and yours – it to find a mentor. You need someone who’s successfully walked this path to show you the way.

The only reason I learned to raise major gifts is because I worked at a big university and I was surrounded by experienced major gift officers.

Most development directors and executive directors don’t have the luxury of having someone by their side, step-by-step to help them avoid the pitfalls and guide them toward success.

What’s more, now that you (and every other fundraiser) has to navigate the fallout of COVID and a sluggish economy, it’s even more critical to have an experienced mentor in your life.


But Having the Courage to Keep Going

Look, I didn’t go from zero to my first million dollars because I was a great fundraiser. I got there because I was surrounded by a community of fundraisers who instilled good habits, and provided ongoing training, resources and encouragement.
And I faced my share of “no” along the way.
You could’ve read every book, attended every conference, and listened to hundreds of webinars. But it still isn’t enough. You need more than that — it comes from within. And a strong community can support you and unlock your potential, especially during difficult times.


Building Good Habits

Fundraising is a slog. It’s about picking up the phone every single day — even when you don’t feel like it.

You Might Be Thinking: “Easy For YOU, But…”

  • My board wants me to focus on special events (at least until COVID hit)…
  • I’m the only one in my development shop and I’m responsible for everything…
  • We don’t have any good prospects…
  • My board members aren’t willing to help with asking…
Yeah… I’ve heard it all. I’ve felt it all, too.


Start Raising Major Gifts with Confidence

“Mastering Major Gifts has been a truly remarkable experience for me. I have several decades of experience in nonprofit management and fundraising. This training provided validation and confirmation that I do have the skills, expertise and ability to raise major gifts. And it gave me new ways to think about and tackle planning, preparing, and asking. I also gained new skills and confidence in training and supporting board members and volunteers in major gift work. Thanks, Amy! Onward and upward!”

Director of Development, Homeless Persons Representation Project


Executive Directors, Development Directors,
and Aspiring Fundraisers …

The time is here. The time is NOW to Raise Major Gifts!


COVID put an end to all that.

And while grant writing helps, grants have always been too restrictive and require too much reporting. If you want to survive through COVID and really boost your fundraising, NOW is the time to raise major gifts. Not next year or next month. This is it — this is the moment.

No more excuses.


I know you can raise major gifts, because I’ve taught thousands of fundraisers just like you to successfully raise 4, 5 and 6 figure gifts. I’ve seen it over and over again.

I’m not going to minimize the challenges we face. COVID really did a number on the nonprofit sector. But there are still so many people out there who want to help.


Do you want to be the highest paid, most respected, in-demand fundraiser around? Build a successful major gift portfolio and you will have respect and job security for life!

“After enrolling in Mastering Major Gifts, I have found myself a Donor Acquisition Machine! The process that Amy uses builds confidence… We are in the beginning stages of a nearly 12 million dollar capital campaign. I can now “speak the language” of big time donors and I have found myself setting up meetings with people that I would never have been comfortable in approaching for money. In a word, MMG is LIFECHANGING!”

CEO of LAMB Arts LTD, LAMB Arts Regional Theatre

Mastering Major Gifts 2.0

Impactful Fundraising in a Post-COVID World
Mastering Major Gifts 2.0 is designed to show you, step-by-step, everything you need to do to raise major gifts consistently and successfully.

Within 90 days, you’ll discover what to do and how to do it. Stick with the program and within 6 months, you’ll be raising major gifts like a pro. MMG is for executive directors, development directors, and all aspiring fundraisers who understand what a game-changer a consistent flow of major gifts would be to their organization.


Mastering Major Gifts 2.0 is for you if…

  • You want to be at the top of your field.
  • You want the respect and admiration of your board and senior leadership team.
  • You want to build solid relationships with donors.
  • You want to provide more resources for your nonprofit.


Mastering Major Gifts 2.0 isn’t for you…

  • If you’re not willing to work to achieve success.
  • If you’re not able to pick up the phone and talk to donors.
  • If you’re unable to face some rejection as you find your footing.
The program is specifically designed for nonprofit professionals who are committed to raising significantly more money as we move through this tumultuous period. Your nonprofit needs resources now, more than ever before, to carry out its mission.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

The Expertise

You’ll learn fundraising strategy, methodology, and systems from Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE. Amy has been teaching people to raise money for over a decade. She’s the author of several books on fundraising, as well as one of the nation’s leading fundraising authorities.

The Community

A key component of Mastering Major Gifts 2.0 is that you’ll be joining a community of nonprofit professionals who are equally dedicated to raising major gifts. You’ll move through the program as a group, giving you the opportunity to learn from one another and share valuable tips.

The Method

Each month, you’ll gain core skills to practice and test. You’ll develop the habits you need to ensure your success. You’ll get the answers to your questions. And you’ll have the opportunity to regularly interact with an insightful community of your peers.


Continue with the program and you’ll keep earning CFRE credits, month after month.

If you’re considering applying for your CFRE for the first time, or if you need continuing education credit to recertify, MMG 2.0 is the perfect option. Earn 60 CFRE education credit hours in just 12 months! (You need 80 for your initial certification.)
“Thanks to Mastering Major Gifts, I was able to develop a simple plan for raising major gifts. For the period June to August, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $150,000 by $100,000 – we raised just over $250,000 largely due to an increase in major gifts! Your training has made a huge difference in my career and more importantly, in my community.”

Director of Mission Advancement, Sandy Cove Ministries

Raising Major Gifts is a Like Marathon…
With 30-Day Mini-Sprints to Keep You Focused!

Raising major gifts is like a marathon, because…
It’s not a sprint — you’re in this for the long haul.
You also need to train and practice
With the right training, you’ll soar to the finish line!
Month 1: Reviewing Fundamentals, Systems, and Donor Identification
In Month 1, you’ll review the basics of raising major gifts, including setting goals and objectives, and creating a case for support. You’ll also evaluate your systems, staffing and infrastructure. In this first month, you’ll also work on donor identification, building your pipeline, as well as research tools and techniques.
Month 2: Building Relationships and Asking for Gifts
In Month 2, you’ll learn how to create a cultivation plan and what it means to work that plan. We’ll cover how to get a meeting with a donor and how to engage them with the work of your organization. This month we’ll also cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how much of asking. Not only that, you’ll know what to do if a donor says yes, no, or maybe.
Month 3: After the Ask - Stewardship and More
In Month 3 we’ll explore everything that happens after the ask, including how and when you should thank your donors. However, thanking them simply isn’t enough. You must report back about the difference they made in the lives of others before asking again. You’ll learn new and creative ways to steward donors. We’ll explore the importance of donor retention and the important role of stewardship.
Month 4: Effective Board Engagement
In Month 4 you will learn how to engage individual board members in fundraising in strategic and effective ways. Learn about the difference between your full board and individual board members — they have different functions and expectations. We’ll cover how to have successful board meetings and retreats, including specific solicitation training exercises.
Month 5: Staying on Track and Measuring Success
In Month 5, you’ll learn how to build good habits, which is the key to major gift success. We’ll explore what metrics you should track and how you should set goals and create a fundraising budget. You’ll get a sample gift acceptance policy and learn when you should and should not accept certain types of gifts. You’ll identify new and creative ways to stay on track, celebrate success, and create a culture of philanthropy.
Month 6: Next Level Major Gifts - Planned and Blended Gifts
In Month 6, we’ll take major gift fundraising to the next level by exploring planned and blended gifts. You’ll learn the basics of soliciting gifts of stock, life insurance, real estate, charitable gift annuities, and bequests. You will also practice the art of asking for blended gifts and enhancing your overall fundraising program.
Months 7 - 12: Going Further with Raising Major Gifts
In the second half of the year, we’ll go even further with raising major gifts.

You’ll focus on building your base of supporters, including where to find new donors. You’ll learn about monthly giving programs, giving clubs and levels, and how to leverage your networks.

We’ll explore capital campaign strategy, timeline and budgeting, as it’s likely you’ll consider a capital or capacity campaign.

You’ll continue to lean on the Mastering Major Gifts community for support and encouragement, as well as getting your questions answered.

“Mastering Major Gifts helped us turn a mediocre major gift program into a stellar program in a matter of weeks. We became more organized and realistic about our goals, with regular meetings with our major donors. Without this course we’d still be wondering what to do next.”

Director of Development and Communications, Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford

You’re a Rising Star

We’re Here to Help You Fly Even Higher.
Mastering Major Gifts is filled with dynamic support structures to help you understand everything you’re learning, take massive action, and get real, achievable results.

Tactical Townhall Q&A Calls

Ask us anything and get the direct support, guidance, and coaching you need for learning, application, and reinforcement. We’ll also be here to give you a warm, encouraging, (virtual) hug … or a swift kick in the pants!

Mastermind Group Discussion Calls

Connect with and learn from your peers… this is your opportunity to tap into each other’s expertise and experiences to leverage the wisdom of the hivemind!

Private Member Portal

24-hour access, on any device, to all the recorded lessons, PDF handouts, worksheets and everything else related to Mastering Major Gifts 2.0 all in one convenient place.

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

You are not alone. Just imagine being able to connect with hundreds of other like-minded fundraisers any day of the week. Who knows who you’ll meet? This is networking on steroids.

So, What’s My Investment?

SPECIAL COVID-19 PRICING: $197 per month (through 2021)

Regular Pricing: $299 per month
This program is an amazing investment, especially when you consider the ROI of consistently raising major gifts.

So if you’re ready to get serious and take action, then this program is an absolute no-brainer. One major gift will cover the cost for an entire year or more!

Join Now to Lock In the $197 Price Beyond June

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